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Horned Almighty
Necro Spirituals
May 2011
Released: 2011, Candlelight Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Black metal is a very acquired taste. It is like the Marmite of the metal world. It sounds like a man being decapitated while watching some cheesy soap opera on TV. Not good then you may say. But Horned Almighty really know how to put all the aggression and Satanism together on one record so it sounds excellent. The vocals sound like pig man off SAW and the music sounds like a mix between early Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth. It is proper Norwegian black metal played properly. If you never liked Black metal and want to get into it then Necro Spirituals is the album for you.

The title track Necro Spirituals is the first mind blowing track off the album. Its crushingly heavy and doomy but at the same time has the structure and like factor of some of the best metal songs ever. The cool morgue screaming intro really does set the scene for a downtuned distorted riff to smash through the speakers like a Lorry running you over! Next we have the ear deafening screech of ‘Fountain of a Thousand plagues’. Which in its self sounds very demonic without even listening to the song? With more pig squealing and massive riffs than the previous song you can see how satanic this metal can get. It’s definitely a wall of death style of song and you can mosh like a mad man to it through your ipod.

We also run into other hell raising tracks like: ‘The Age of Scorn’, ‘The Blasphemous Burden’, ‘Blessing the world in Pestilence’ and ‘Absolved in the sight of God’. Wow some awesome song titles there. Each track adds its own unique feel to the album. You can see that as the album progresses the feel to the music gets darker and more ambient. It has to be one of the greatest Black/Death metal cross over album of 2010. It is heavy as fuck and you can see just how diverse a black metal band can be.

Like all black metal tracks you do tend to find that it sounds the same a lot of the time. It’s the same case with all the tracks off Necro Summoning. Black metal is always good in small doses and on shuffle on your. So Buy the CD. Listen to its awesome satanic goodness, and headband like the Antichrist himself.

Review: Matthew Seddon
Track Listing

1.Necro Spirituals
2.Fountain of a Thousand Plagues
3.Sworn Divine Vengeance
4.The age of Scorn
5.In Jubilation and Disgust
6.Blessing the world in Pestilence
7.Illuminated Void
8.The Blasphemous Burden
9.Absolved in the Sight of God


S - Vocals
Hellpig – Guitars and Bass
Aries - Guitars
Harm - Drums

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